50: The Chicago Geocacher Podcast 50th Episode Live Spectacular!

January 16th, 2012

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: It’s the 50th show… Live from Bogies Legendary Barn and Ale House in beautiful Mount Prospect, IL! Scott and Walt get roasted and toasted! Both local listeners as well as out-of-state listeners join the fun: from Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Texas! All this and a mystery guest that will make you go ape! There’s a swinging game of Jeopardy and we also read emails, milestones, and have our usual question of the show! And there’s a live contest. This is the big one. If you couldn’t hear what we were saying while you were there or you couldn’t make it to the live show. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!

Podcast 50

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Harry Potter Year 3: Lumos by Darth Leviosa | GC3A1FM | Vernon Hills
The Dry Log Sheet by eyeseeit | GC394DV | Buffalo Grove
Harry Potter Year 4: Reparo by Darth Leviosa| GC3A1GA | Vernon Hills
WWSBD? by KURJ Productions | GC38F1E | Mt. Prospect

Walt’s Recent Caches

WWSBD by KURJ Productions | GC38F1E | Mt. Prospect, IL
Walt’s Microphone by KURJ Productions | GC3A69Q | Mt. Prospect, IL
TRuffAUT Lives by Little Legs | GC2X4PM | Palatine, IL
9.11.01 ** 9.11.11 by Difia Trety | GC341B5 | Palatine, IL
At Work by skd44 | GC2YA93 | Palatine, IL
Take a walk or ride thru the parks: Rest stop #5 by dcachfinder | GC37MAE | Chicago, IL


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the sound of quality microphones, never goes out of style!

Scott: Archie’s Challenge by Hutt | GCQNHT | Northfield
Walt : Shouldn’t you be hibernating? by FallenFaery, adopted by RheS | GCM60F | Wheeling, Illinois

Caches of the Show

Scott: Zipping Up Chicago: The 606 Challenge by Xiao_tuzi | GC1DYF6 | Chicago
Walt : Not Too Complex by KUJayhawk | GC1R9EM | Northbrook, IL

Various Things Discussed

Explore Oswego Parks Through Geocaching

Contest Winner

Listen to the show to find out who won the Hamster Server travel bug donated by TeamTardis!