54: Happy 2nd Anniversary

March 15th, 2012

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: We celebrate our 2nd anniversary with green beer (St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner), Two, count ’em, two geocaching bomb scares! THUSA responds! MacWin gets a Hebrew lesson from Scott. Walt goes off on Amber Rose. Scott and Walt praise SuperDawg! And, of course, there’s the contest, emails, milestones, and the question of the show!

Podcast 54

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Gurnee Glenn turns 4000 FlatlndsCoffeeClutch | GC2MJKN | Zion
Mind Grind: Touring Joliet Mall brijac | GC1JDAH | Joliet
Ziggy Vs I Lose My “FLY” While FTF Bonefishing ziggy1fan@aol.com | GC3CRC0 | Chicago
Operation A.P.E. – Mission 1: Splashdown Walt Grogan | GC3CR9H | Wheeling

Walt’s Recent Caches

Ziggy & Fuzz 163 by ziggy1fan@aol.com | GC2TFJP | Schaumburg, IL
My Old Stomping Ground by Greenback | GC3A32V | Chicag0, IL


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the beauty of Davy Jones’ voice, never goes out of style!

Scott: The DEATHTRAP Genius Loci | GCED34 | Northbrook
Walt: Monster Cache by Team Cochrane | GC1ZZ2K | Buffalo Grove, IL

Caches of the Show

Scott: A Positive Dream KodyDog00 | GC3E3F1 | Buffalo Grove
Walt: Blizzard by NightCrawler2 | GC31BKQ | Urbana, IL

Various Things Discussed

Suspicious package a prank

Geocaching Game Triggers Disneyland Lockdown

Contest Winner

Listen this week for the winner of the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce – Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory coin donated by FootSoSaurus and there’s a new contest for 2 log rollers (which means two winners) donated by WyoCrewe!