58: Talking with KeeganC

May 10th, 2012

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: KeeganC is in the house! We learn if Walt makes any money off of Scott. Walt recounts the MOGA adventure weekend. Scott tells us about his upcoming trip to Colorado and Walt tells us about a new cache in his honor… in Georgia! And we get presents! All this plus… a new contest with a cool prize, news, emails, milestones and the question of the show!

Podcast 58

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Scott’s Recent Caches

SearchParty5 Rocks! 1000+ Dogwood6 | GC3EQ9X | Mount Prospect
Return of Kurtooch’s 1000th Find TomEagle55 | GC3CXX5 | Schaumburg
This Ain’t My First Barbeque! MGb Music | GC3FNHN | Streamwood
I C D Tree DrBill | GC157KT | Streamwood

Walt’s Recent Caches

Swing or Sit, Who Gives A Flip! by sabow2&deederdad | GC16JFE | Columbus Junction, IA
Do You Remember When TV by biscuitt bunch & G-DAUG | GC31WQJ | Colfax, IA
Flying Squirrel’s Are Nuts by bigdoublej | GC39PMV | Reasnor, IA
Frog Shrine by bigdoublej | GC3C1YN | Mystic, IA
Tyrannosaurus Rex by toppercat | GC2W0HE | Palatine, IL

Keegan C’s Recent Caches

Dirty Mouth? Moustache by Mentha Stannum (AKA ralphmjw) | GC3G3NE | Addison, IL
Fairy Tale Fantasies #2 The Big Bad Wolf by ziggyfan1@aol.com | GC3HE25 | Elgin, IL
Podcast #40: It’s Glorious! by KURJ Productions and CGP Fanclub (AKA rikjaxon) | GC3AJQA | Roselle, IL
Another Random… High 5! by ralphmjw | GC3C4V5 | Glendale Heights, IL


A TopperCacheā„¢ is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, unlike a Timmy Ho’s donut, never goes stale!!

Scott: FTF Hound #6 – TMLLAA RheS | GC1A3F7 | Prospect Heights
Walt: Cache and Release Master Angler by BAT | GC18WNA | Busse Woods, Elk Grove Village, IL
KeeganC: “You Puzzle Me” by Dutchlandian | GC2WFHK | Lisle, IL

Caches of the Show

Scott: Edward Rooney’s Test Cache Edward Rooney | GC386P6 | Lincolnshire
Walt: Who first developed this area in the 1830s? by River Action | GC366YM | Davenport, IA
KeeganC: CUSIP by goinkers | GC3EH75 | Naperville, IL

Various Things Discussed

Lots of emails about Timmy Ho’s!
Magic News Wire

Contest Winner

Listen this week for the winner of a sprinkler head cache (donated by Team Tardis) and a Canadian Geocacher Sticker (donated by www.debbiedoesdecals.com. And enter our new contest for a swanky prize!!

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