64: Let’s Get Physical

August 30th, 2012

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: Scott & Walt discuss West Bend, we have another bombscare and oodles of news, emails and milestones. Plus, Walt gives us an unexpected “Walt’s Logs”.

Podcast 64

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Tornado Place Ecorangers | GCQ4Q6 | West Bend, WI
She’s A LOOKER! Ecorangers | GC2MY6D | West Bend, WI
Which way the Witch went Cachyew | GC3MN0D | Lake Zurich
Twinkie Cachyew | GC3NCBT | Lake Zurich

Walt’s Recent Caches

1164 Shrek’s Hideout. by by WBA Chamber | GC2ZAD1 | West Bend, WI
ApotheCarrie’s Logic: Numbers Count by ThePharmGirl | GC1E13D | West Bend, WI
Stumped by elocin615 | GC3QGRQ | Rolling Meadows, IL
Eisenbahn Surprise by Ba$her | GC3J95W | West Bend, WI


A TopperCache™ is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like a West Bend Cache Bash, never goes out of style!

Scott: CCX – The Fountain of Youth Panther in the Den | GC1JX7T | Chicago
Walt: Finkl Industries by alarm Clock w/ house! (adopted by PiD) | GCNB54 | Chicago, IL

Caches of the Show

Scott: Flint Creek Kevali | GCKA03 | Barrington
Walt: Polyhedron by toppercat | GC3Q4RT | Glenview, IL


PandaChic found Ahhhh Life’s Good

Various Things Discussed

VSP Clears Suspicious Package Situation at VDOT Memorial
what a view in Virginia

Virginia Land Use Rules

Contest Winner

Listen this week for the winner of a sprinkler head cache donated by Walt and listen for this week’s contest which features a 10 Year Groundspeak trackable donated by TeamAlexAbby!

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