74: Occasional Reverb. No idea.

February 7th, 2013

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: Caches! Bomb Scares! Reverb! LEO Encounters! Emails! Milestones! Contest!

Podcast 74

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Sky-Hi by CFIA | GC2Y6NC | Lombard, IL
Deicke Dells by tenof16 | GCGVF6 | Huntley, IL
Who shot J.R.? by n9tog | GC41YJR | Northbrook, IL
Solid Gold! Shannonigan finds 2000!! by ralphmjw | GC3QV5X | Villa Park, IL

Walt’s Recent Caches

Bugsy’s Brother Bubba by TomEagle55 | GC3HM7X | Busse Woods, Schaumburg, IL
Silly Questions We Ponder by BAT and Princess Margie | GC2RG4V | Busse Woods, Schaumburg, IL
Tim & Slim Go Geocaching #1 by Tim & Slim | GC36VK7 | Busse Woods, Schaumburg, IL
Stuff in the Waterway by EnPleinAire | GC2XWD5 | Busse Woods, Schaumburg, IL


A TopperCache™ is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the size of Scott’s car, never goes out of style!

Scott: Cache and Release – Master Angler by BAT | GC18WNA | Busse Woods
Walt: Animal House by tskyrocket | GCQAK4 | Paul Douglas Preserve, Hoffman Estates

Caches of the Show

Scott: Carcassonne #12 by AngelusCowl | GC3THJ5 | Saint Charles, IL
Walt: SB5K: Spice World [Final] by Spice Girls (AKA KodyDog00) | GC3776K | Busse Woods, Schaumburg, , IL

Various Things Discussed

Scott Tzinberg – Divorce Layer Chicago
Suspicious Package in Warren County

Suspicious object found on Glendale power pole determined to be safe

Freedom Lives by 3pear | GC341J6 | Busse Woods, Schaumburg, IL

This Week’s Contest

This week listen for your chance to win an Official Geo-pup! trackable donated by IrishCubsFan and find out who won the CITO trackable coin donated by IrishCubsFan!

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