77: We’re intoxicated!

March 20th, 2013

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: Caches! Tangents! Stories! Tangents! Emails! Tangents! Contests! Tangents!

Podcast 77

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Trying to Recover by R.C.Tells | GC46EGT | Northbrook, IL
PNC-7 by tnt63 | GC473Y5 | Deerfield, IL
Pop Goes The Weasel Jr. by pawprintlogic1 | GC3PRQ1 | West Chicago, IL
Absentia by Darth Leviosa | GC418WR | Long Grove, IL

Walt’s Recent Caches

Circle of Stone by djwhouse | GC3NAQ7 | Lake Zurich, IL
Illini Puzzle – 1) Intersection of Grocery Stores by johnnayuen | GC2QQHM | University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL
The End For Now by racer2814 | GC34ANA | Champaign, IL


A TopperCache™ is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like Clutch Cargo, never goes out of style!

Scott: Deer Hi-Lo by GeoGil | GC803D | Barrington, IL
Walt: a million stories by schaumburg guy (cared for by baloo&bd) | GCGWG9 | Schaumburg, IL

Caches of the Show

Scott: CLOSING TIME by The Intoxicator | GC439FH | Mundelein, IL
Walt: Irish I knew where I put that thing! by The Intoxicator | GC47K3J | Arlington Heights, IL

Various Things Discussed

The Mysterious Geocache: An excerpt from Code by Kathy Reichs

This Week’s Contest

This week listen for your chance to win a large opencaching.com t-shirt donated by opencaching.com and Garmin and find out who won the UV light and marker donated by gxproxy.com!

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