95: Christmas Comes Early for Scott!

December 17th, 2013

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: More of the stuff you love! News! Emails! Contests! Milestones! Question of the Show! You know what’s coming, so start listening!

Podcast 95

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Rosemary’s Baby by Darth Leviosa | GC4QMG4 | Palatine, IL
Sam The Butcher by Jen*Jen | GC4CNE9 | Roscoe, IL
He Who Smelt It… by BDKnel | GC4QPYM | Schaumburg, IL

Walt’s Recent Caches

Christmas Tree Cache by Serendipity!! | GC2JJ74 | Chicago, IL
Bill’s Cache by abear75 | GC4AFZF | Chesterfield, MO
Tour De Levee: A Random Start by chod | GC2JC2Q | Chesterfield, MO


A TopperCache™ is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like Scott’s love of chicken flavored soup, never goes out of style!

Scott: ”Rosebud” by blackdogivy | GC28NA7 | Wauconda, IL
Walt: The Other End of the Road to Nowhere by mongoose66 | GCQA62 | Glenview, IL

Caches of the Show

Scott: Deep Dish Ressurrected by FerretBandits | GC4MAXK | Rolling Meadows, IL
Walt: Q’s I-55 TB Hotel by Major_Boothroyd | GC4NDY0 | Springfield, IL

Various Things Discussed

Chicago Geocacher Podcast 100th Episode Commemorative Coin!

This Week’s Contest

Listen to the show to enter to win a GXProxy log roller and listen to hear who won a GXProxy trackable proxy from our good friends @ GXProxy.com!

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