18: Walt Gets Chirpy

October 20th, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we discuss the caches we’ve done since the last episode, we discuss the new Garmin Chirp, upcoming caching events in the area, we read your emails, read your milestones, and of course, have the Question of the Show.

Podcast 18

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Recent Caches:
(GCRAM4) The Black Forest
(GC2EX5Z) Boosey
(GC2GB5Q) A Tree for NatalieD!
(GC2GBDP) ScottBerks 100 in a day, my nards got in trouble
(GC2G4M8) The Sleepless Eyes They Watch
(GC2CR0C) Monkey Man
(GC2G0NY) Trust Me

Caches of the Show:
(GC2CAEQ) Back Alley Cache
(N&T #1) Neat And Tidy series

Various Things Discussed:
GONIL’s Bike Path Clean-Up V
Another Bomb Scare
Garmin Chirp information