23: Happy New Year!

January 5th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we discuss caches we’ve done since the last episode, we discuss local caches and the police, we announce our contest winner, a geocaching novel, we read emails, we read milestones and we have the question of the show.

Podcast 23

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Recent Caches:
(GC2983D) All Thumbs
(GC12AGN) Get Your Chicks on Route 66
(GC2G960) The New Water Street Market
(GC2B0YK) The HART of North Center
(GC2K7CF) Hiram’s Knot
(GC2HY5R) The Legend of BAT – 1800 Ha!
(GC21J5N) No Return Address
(GCK9ED) A Slice of Heaven
(GC2J798) The Legend of BAT – Gar vs. Mags
(GC2KCVJ) Suzy Snowflake
(GC2J8QP) AHARK – Our First Cache!
(GCTM50) Lake Shermerville Multi

Cache of the Show:
(GC23CNP) Paging Doctor Hector Mueller
(GC2JFA0) Scott Berks… Chirp… Chirp

Various Things Discussed:
First to Find by Mark Gessner (Novel’s Amazon link)
Geocaching.com? HA! I’ll Just List the Coords on Facebook!
Trumbull County Residents Spend Time Geocaching
Geocaching: Modern Day Treasure Hunting