31: Walt’s Like a Man-Boy!

April 27th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we have caches we’ve done since the last episode. We read geocaching news, we have bomb scares, we announce this weeks contest winner, read emails and of course, have the Question of the Show!

Podcast 31

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Recent Caches:
(GC2RZ2M) Duck, Duck, Goose, ?
(GC2T5Y3) Tunnel? Rats!!!
(GC2QTDT) RMIA: Can you Guess It???
(GC2PZTP) Though I Was Blind, Now I Can See – Dr. Conti
(GC1G54E) Circle ‘Round
(GC14KYP) The Slough
(GC2QTFA) RMIA: Dookie
(GC296E) Cache in a Snag
(GC2RP16) Holy Hannah! ShazamMan Hits 2k!
(GC2RBKX) The Baggage of Our Lives

Cache of the Show:
(GC2TNA8) Pump it UP! – Wheeling
(GC2QD2A) Looping Art Tour

Various Things Discussed:
Scott’s Interview on Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast
Lake County Wastewater Video on Geocaching
Quiver Pen Holders
The GeoCreed.. Who knew?
Survival Bands
Suspected bomb turns out to be geocaching clue
GPS game may be to blame for Pantego bomb scare
Washington County Sheriff’s Office says PVC pipe found at Nike not a threat