33: ILReviewer Shout-Outs

May 27th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: Scott has yet another LEO encounter… this time in Carol Stream! We report on not one — but two bomb scares! A local geocache finally gets archived to Scott’s delight and Walt showers some love on another behmsquad cache. The email ammo can contains an invitation to head south and our Canadian listener checks in, eh! We continue to celebrate the caching milestones of our listeners (and there are some big ones). All that — plus a new contest and, of course, the Question of the Show.

Podcast 33

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Scott’s Recent Caches

The Return of the Big Monster Door by TeacherMike | GC2PXJT | Illinois
This Is A Stick Up by CFIA | GC2RZ6J | Illinois
Toursport Hits 1000 : Whoop! Whoop! by Cowcutter1 an Cachyew | GC2VMV9 | Illinois
Yellow Arrows and a Smile by IGotADisneyJeep | GC2FZ2G | Illinois

Walt’s Recent Caches

Pooh Sticks Bridge by dcachfinder | GC2KEHV | Illinois
Squeezed In (Well Sort of) by Tzinny | GC2TD62 | Illinois
Creeks Edge Toe Hold by cigarboysmokes | GC2VJW4 | Illinois


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like Walt’s moustache, never goes out of style!

#696, 697, 698, 699 or 700? by EnPleinAire | GC1FPNJ | Illinois
Duh Vinchi’s Cache by wheetree, adopted by katguy | GCWF03 | Illinois

Caches of the Show

Automation Domination by Team Slicrick and Stradley | GC2JHH2 | Illinois
neon Arlington by behmSquad | GC2VK5B | Illinois

Various Things Discussed


T (archived) | GC2PNAP | Illinois

NEW: Police find suspicious packages to be geocaching prize
Police: Geocaching Device Causes Bomb Scare In Cannon Falls


Crawl to Breakfast at the Cabin by rikjaxon, KU Jayhawk, 2catchick, Gwen of dnfu | GC2TJE9 | June 4, 2011
MAGICAL MYSTERY CACHE/CRAWL TOUR!!! Bong Event by Cache Crawl Committee | GC2TJDG | June 4, 2011
Magical Mystery Cache Crawl Tour!!! Dinner Event by Cache Crawl Committee | GC2WH2T | June 4, 2011
Crawl to Dick’s for a Nitecap byCache Crawl Committee | GC2WJRD | June 4, 2011


Joliet History: The Breakfeast by TeacherMike | GC2W5Q4 | June 4, 2011
WWFM VIII – The Blues Brothers Were Here by TeacherMike | GC2TV77 | June 4, 2011
Joliet History: The ICS by TeacherMike | GC2W5QC | June 4, 2011

Contest Winner

This episode’s winner was GeoVern. GV was the winner of a Survival Band donated by MamaDuck71 of Survival Bands By Lisa.