38: Oh, the Irony!!!

August 4th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: A bomb scare hits close to home! We talk to the event committee of the West Bend Cache Ba$h. It’s a podcast, so Scott has a LEO encounter. We read a bad iTunes review. And we celebrate milestones, read emails, and answer the Question of the Show. Sit back, relax and join the fun!

Podcast 38

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Disney Music by DVLBSSFam | GC30BJT | Buffalo Grove, Illinois
GBP 1: Fire Prevention by psychovw | GC2ZKX1 | Gurnee, Illinois
Sgauss’ 1000th Cache! by TeamAlexAbby | GC2JVZ9 | Wheaton, Illinois
Seven is Heaven: Puzzle/Mystery Challenge by Wheels00 | GC2JMNP | Chicago, Illinois

Walt’s Recent Caches

Den of the Panther #1 aka Master Po by ziggy1fan@aol.com | GC2ZBET | Palatine, Illinois
Crane’s Castle by kodydog00 | GC2WTFQ | Rolling Meadows, Illinois
The Soup Nazi by bdknel | GC2YADR | Schaumburg, Illinois


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like Scott’s encounters with LEOs, never goes out of style!

Big Art: Mooon by RheS | GCPY6J | Chicago, Illinois
Spock’s Prairie by DRX | GCQXBB | Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Caches of the Show

Necropolis by Doctor-Who | GC311E3 | Des Plaines, Illinois
Stonehenge by Q-Dawg12 | GC302PM | Arlington Heights, Illinois

Various Things Discussed

Cashing in on Geocaching

Bomb Scares

??? by ??? | GC????? | ???, Illinois


FLC? No, Tuesday Lunch CITO! by scottberks | GC30HDJ | Northbrook, Illinois | Tuesday, August 9, 2011
West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2011 by West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce | GC2E0MD | West Bend, Wisconsin | Friday-Saturday, August 12-13, 2011

Contest Winner

TopperCat (via MGBMusic) is this week’s winner of the a standard set of travel bugs donated by Walt.