40: It’s Glorious!

August 24th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: We recap the West Bend Mega event. Walt talks about caching in the UP. Scott laments that his geocache didn’t hit the traditional news outlets. Walt raves about Somewhere in Time. And we celebrate milestones, read emails, and answer the Question of the Show. Sit back, relax and join the fun!

Podcast 40

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Restoration and Ascension by Enpleinaire | GC28WFB | Roselle, Illinois
Tribute To Tzinny – Two Thousand!! by n9tog | GC30A2X | Palatine, Illinois
Invisible by CFIA | GC2T8EB | Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois
Greenback #0 The Road to Cacheville by ziggy1fan@aol.com | GC30TZF | Crystal Lake, Illinois

Walt’s Recent Caches

1151 BRIEF Encounters by WBA Chamber | GC2ZAA5 | West Bend, Wisconsin
RAS – S.I.T. by Cyclops | GCWQQX | Mackinac Island, Michigan
US 2 TB Hotel by GageClan | GC227Z8 | Naubinway, Michigan
Compass Rose 10 by ziggy1fan@aol.com | GC2WVNQ | Wheeling, Illinois
PapaNonny’s 1000th by 2catchick, buglean, and WSL | GC2ZCHT | Northbrook, Illinois
Pump It UP! – Wheeling by Greenback | GC2TNA8 | Wheeling, Illinois
Leave No Stone Unturned by tea4tilrmn | GC2WQWC | Glenview, Illinois
Swamp People by Doctor-Who | GC310WQ | Mt Prospect, Illinois
A rikjaxon Hat Trick
GOODNESS RattleSNAKES ALIVE by rikjaxon | GC2QANN | Northbrook, Illinois
Petrified by rikjaxon | GC2QCAZ | Northbrook, Illinois
Podcast Parroty: a cache by Johnny 5 by rikjaxon | GC2ZQ5V | Northbrook, Illinois


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the coolness of West Bend, never goes out of style!

Daddy’s Little Angel by littlepig | GC1986C | Wauconda, Illinois
Covert Cache by Director Phineas and Agents Socko and Illbegotten | GC3798 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Caches of the Show

GEOCACHE City Challenge (Hardcore Edition) by The4Buckleys | GC310Q8 | Crystal Lake, Illinois
‘ERE You Go! BDKNEL’s 2000th by rikjaxon | GC2W4VV | Northbrook, Illinois

Various Things Discussed

Cashing in on Geocaching
And don’t forget the beer that puts you in ‘A Wisconsin State of Mind,’ Supper Club!

Bomb Scares

Explosives unit detonates ‘suspicious’ package in Winfield

Contest Winner

drank was this week’s winner of a standard set of travel bugs donated by Walt.