42: Talking with RebelGTP

September 22nd, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: RebelGTP is in the house!, ShazamMan no more? We reveal this episode’s contest winner, celebrate milestones, read listener emails and… Yep, there’s another “joke” and we answer the Question of the Show. Sit back, relax and join the fun!

Podcast 42

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Scott’s Recent Caches

A New Hope by Darth Leviosa | GC33YPD | Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Quidditch Practice Bonus: Seeker Tryouts by zomarkaan | GC2CPBQ | East Dundee, Illinois
In Golden Pond by Rikjaxon | GC321PA | Schaumburg, Illinois
Happiness by 4xkrat | GC3358Q | Libertyville, Illinois

Walt’s Recent Caches

Left Turn Only by EnPleinAire | GC2Q71W | Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Let’s Go Fishing by tea4tilrmn | GC341Q7 | Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Busse Waterfall by Doctor-Who | GC33BR6 | Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Math Monkeys Unite! by The Complicator = Head Monkey Trainer | GC30VB6 | Arlington Heights, Illinois
The Vault by toppercat | GC325JH | Elk Grove Village, Illinois

RebelGTP’s Recent Caches

Prime Caching Real Estate by Gredgeman | GC1JPRH | Willard, Missouri
Thanks From Monique by xxxsparkmanxxx maintained by Frivlas | GC2HPVF | Palo Alto, California
Monday Club Footbridge by Oreo Pony | GCN71W | San Luis Obispo, California
Sealab’s Alien Coyote Revenge by neoazra | GC2E7PW | Murfreesboro, Tennessee
GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit-Adventure Science Ctr. by Groundspeak | GC2MYM0 | Nashville, Tennessee
Congressional Medal Of Honor Memorial by purplemartin2 and Z’cachers | GCJ0X7 | Indianapolis, Indiana


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the bottle-cap opening hat of RebelGTP, never goes out of style!

Love Thirty by Rikjaxon | GC1RMAT | Northbrook, Illinois
VACANT LOT by sdsmthomas | GC1D7QV | Arlington Heights, Illinois
Beverly by Robert Reindl | GC28 | East Dundee, Illinois

Caches of the Show

Where’s George – Clooney not Washington by Odyn | GC33F04 | Lake Forest, Illinois
Waltus Cachicus Geo-stasche by toppercat | GC34DVK | Mt Prospect, Illinois
Toga Party by bthomas | GCB0EB | Las Vegas, Nevada

Various Things Discussed

Geocache by Peekskill Rail Tracks Causes Bomb Scare
‘Geocache’ Device causes Bomb-Scare in Peekskill
Pipe-Bomb was Geocache Container
Bomb Scared

Contest Winner

Either listen to the show or check back next week for the winner of the a standard set of travel bugs donated by Walt.