We here at the Chicago Geocacher Podcast love to hear new words/phrases being made. Here are a few we have heard in/or around the Chicago caching community. This list is updated as new words are created.

Afterbirth of the Show (created by scottberks)
Completely Podcast related, it’s the part of our show after the end song plays. It mostly discusses topics outside geocaching and introduces the newest contest.
Ex: “And now it’s time for the Afterbirth of the show…”

BAT-Worthy Hide
(created by bugleann)
If you hide a truly evil cache, it’s BAT-Worthy, meaning a cache he (the cacher, Bat) would like and approve of as being EVIL.
Ex: “Man, that was one BAT-Worthy hide!”

(created by Walt Grogan)
An Illinois Challenge cache placed by a cacher who has not yet met the requirements they themselves have set for the cache.
Ex: Behmsquad placed a CITO Challenge saying you need to do 15 CITO’s to get the cache. As of this writing, he does not meet the requirements.

(created by scottberks)
When you go out and cache without your regular caching partner.
Ex: “<insert name> got that 5/5 alone last night. They totes cache-cheated on their caching partner.”

Colorado Style
(created by eyeseeit)
A type of hide where you place a small cache in a pine tree, hooked flush against the trunk, usually high up, with a coat hangar.
Ex: “it’s not hanging on the branch, it’s hidden Colorado-Style.”

Kodydoggin’ it
(created by KodyDog00)
During a caching numbers run, the passenger in the car (i.e. not the driver) who has to keep getting out of the car to grab and sign the PnG cache.
Ex: “My legs are killing me, I was kodydoggin’ it for like 4 hours last night!”

Poppin’ a Wheelie
(created by Walt Grogan)
The act of falling out of a tree when going for a cache.
Ex: “Dude, did you see <insert name> fall, he totally just popped a wheelie!”

Pulling a ShazamMan
(created by Wheels00)
Taking a monster fall while hunting for a cache. ShazamMan is notorious for wiping out while walking to/looking for a cache. Seriously, it’s kinda really weird how often he does it. I mean it, cache with the guy, I virtually guarantee he will fall at least once.
Ex: Person #1: * CRASH *
Person #2: “Take a look at <insert name>, he just pulled a ShazamMan!”

Pulling a ShazamMan SUPREME
(created by scottberks)
Taking a monster fall while hunting for a cache, which results in a trip to the Emergency Room.
Ex: Person #1: * CRASH *
Person #2: “Take a look at <insert name>, he just pulled a ShazamMan SUPREME! Call an ambulance!”

(created by Fishnic)
When a cache is found 15-20 feet away from Ground Zero. Usually happens when the owner is placing a cache with a smartphone instead of a GPS.
Ex: Person #1: “Is the cache at GZ?”
Person #2: “No, it’s scottberks-close.”

Unremarkable Hide
(created by MGb)
A hide that is neither bad nor good. Just there.
Ex: Person #1: “So was the cache hide any good?”
Person #2: “No, it was a pretty Unremarkable Hide.”