06: Cacheapolooza… All Rights Reserved.

May 18th, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, Scott and Walt discuss caches they have done in the fortnight, Walts take on Cacheapolooza 2010, Pocket Queries, The question of the show, and a host of new features!

Podcast 6

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Caches Mentioned:
10 Years – The BBB Series (GC24RBF)
Sesquicentennial Park (GC234T5)
Kiyap! (GC28D7Z)
I-PASSed A Cache – Hinsdale Oasis (GC1CDMM)
An “Exellant” Bug Hotel To Stay a Few Days Inn (GCZ680)
Portabello Bridge (GC25HG7)
Where’s Riley? (GC261YT)
Freedom Still Rings (GC1JMP3)
The Salty Series (GC21A9Q)

Favorite Caches of the Fortnight!
I Will (GC1DCQP)
10 Years! LPS 301B (GC25NM5)