07: Talking with Eyeseeit

June 2nd, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we welcome our second guest host, we discuss our caches of the fortnight, we talk about milestones and upcoming geocaching events, we read emails sent in from readers and of course discuss the Question of the Fortnight!

Podcast 7

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Caches Mentioned:
GC28T5T – Shhh!… We’re Podcasting
GC295k3 – Revenge on Bat – Its in the Hood
GC24TJB – Silence is Golden
GC15YH5 – Hooked on Caching
GC26AVD – 10 Years – Dam, Dam, Dam, Dam
GC1Y3ER – Door County Welcome Center (Tb Hotel)
GC1VAYQ – Can You See The Tiger?
GC109KR – Land Of Lincoln – Lincoln Logs 1, 2, and 3
GC1P0N2 – Buffalo Swamp
GC1TYRP – Pine-ing Away
GCKM4E – Brown Lightening
GC1HVCE – eyeseeit: walk on up!
GC1D7JX – Jar-Jar #11 Carry Extra Batteries
Favorite Caches of the Fortnight!
GC247T0 – Beaver Boulevard
GC1A2T0 – Vampire Empire
Various Stuff Discussed:
Geocacher University
The Micro Manifesto by Eyeseeit
the Geomate Jr.