09: Walt’s a Peeping Tom

June 30th, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we discuss our caches of the fortnight, cacher milestones, website updates, articles about geocaching, a magazine for geocachers, we read our listener emails, and of course discuss the Question of the Fortnight!

Podcast 9

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Caches Mentioned:
(GC25ZXA) – Bakers Heavy Metal
(GC22XE6) – Centuries of FTFs Challenge
(GC2AQJ5) – Cold War Cache
(GC2AN64) – It’s a Green Thing
(GC1G6DZ) – Poltergeist
(GC2AR47) – Almost Pioneers
(GC29KBX) – 10 Years! – Sweet Home Chicago
(GC296B8) – Water Works
(GC295K3) – Revenge on BAT – It’s In The Hood!!!
(GC24M0N) – 11.09.89
(GC2615Z) – Jump the fridge
(GC26167) – Wet Foot Crossing
(GC18BCA) – FTF Hound #4: Where Did I Put That Key!!??

Favorite Caches of the Fortnight!:
(GC26RKK) – 10 Years! – Pay It Forward/BehmSquad
(GC289RH) – The Hampton Tomato

Various Stuff Discussed:
Parent Hacks Website Article
FTF Magazine