08: The Mighty Swear Bell

June 16th, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we discuss our caches of the fortnight, the geocaching.com updates to their site, what Flash Mobs are and how they work, geocaching articles, recent listener milestones, we read listener emails, and of course discuss the Question of the Fortnight!

Podcast 8

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Caches Mentioned:
(GC296B8) Water Works
(GC24EJ1) Lock Lock Series in Paul Douglas Forest Preserve
(GC29Y09) Nice And Easy #2 With A View
(GC2A5DG) I Hate Illinois Nazis
(GC2A70H) I am I said
(GC29T27) Wimiks First Hide
(GC29T2H) the nameless cache
(GC27VF6) A Sweet Set of Double D’s
(GC28PVK) Old Chicago – Sauganash Hotel
(GC29KBX) 10 Years – Sweet Home Chicago

Favorite Caches of the Fortnight!
(GC29MM2) Tom Swift and his Automatic Substitute Boy Scout
(GC1E2JJ) There’s Lincoln… Where’s George?

Various Stuff Discussed:
City looks to cash in on geocaching
Cache In Trash Out, Surf’s Up
Reserved FTFs Gonil Forums Discussion