11: Walt Pisses Off Everyone

July 29th, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we discuss our caches of the fortnight, cacher milestones, website updates, our first contest for our listeners, we read our listener emails, and of course discuss the Question of the Fortnight! Quality entertainment people!

Podcast 11

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Caches Mentioned:
(GC2B4CB) – Beautiful Lake Zurich
(GC2BJGP) – One For You ScottBerks
(GC2AYWR) – At the Foot of the Guardian
(GC2C1K2) – To The Moon Alice
(GC28MWY) – NWSC Cache to Eagle #6 **Sunday’s only**
(GCGVTJ) – Neptune and the Fisherman
(CG250PZ) – OSIL: Mathematical Pi
(GC137JG) – Gertie and the Bridge War
(GC1YX75) – Big Art – Fish in the Weeds
(GC1FKWC) – Get Reel
(GCNHM2) – GB2 – The Gold Bug 2; “all cum ob de bug”
(GC1761R) – FTF Hound #3: A Series of Unfortunate Caches
(GCQ4E1) – Oldfields PodCache

Favorite Caches of the Show!:
(GC1VD57) – Prince Feinberg’s Lost Treasure
(GC2BERR) – Puzzle Me This BAT Man

Various Stuff Discussed:
Goofus & Gallant on Geocaching Forums