12: Talking with JWheels1

August 12th, 2010

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we welcome JWheels1 to the studio. While here, we discuss our caches of the fortnight, listener emails, geocacher milestones, our first contest winner, and the Question of the Week. Plus, a story about JWheels1 not to be missed!!

Podcast 12

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Caches Mentioned:
(GC26NRT) – LouJenine1436’s first hide ever!!!
(GC1B0HM) – Strip malls, strip malls…everywhere!!
(GC1ZEYH) – Woody Waterfall
(GC20XZ5) – Canturbury #1
(GC2CM5B) – Like My Car

Caches of the Show!:
(GC27HDD) – The Dipset Bunny Gate
(GC24V4V) – The Niles Oasis

Various Stuff Discussed:
Corp Of Discovery Contest on the Gonil Forums