25: Extravaganza!

February 3rd, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we discuss caches we’ve done since the last episode. We discuss bombscares, listen to highlights of the first 24 shows, updates to the Geocaching website, announce this weeks contest winner, read emails, hear from Abe Froman himself, and of course, have the Question of the Show.

Podcast 25

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Recent Caches:
(GC2HKFF) Where’s Jack?? 4 for 40!!: ScottBerks is Forty!!
(GC2AX0E) TomEagle55’s 1,000th – Tricachelon
(GC2J33N) The Legend of BAT – The Challenge
(GC2EZ5F) Fox River (Illinois River tributary)
(GC1KJ23) Wisconsin is Wherigo
(GC1FTFG) Multi-Purpose Multi-Cache
(GC2M38J) Red Top Park #1
(GC2K19J) Spare Parts
(GC2N0FW) Grab ‘N Go #5
(GC29PFV) Chicago Blackhawks WIN!!! 2010 NHL Champions
(GC2N194) Buffalo Grove Phoon

Cache of the Show:
(GC2MRFR) scottberks hits 3K!
(GC1RZRJ) CT Would Be Proud

Various Things Discussed:
Abomination Amazon Link
Buffalo Grove police: Santa with ax a student film project
GPS game causes bomb scare