26: Talking with sgauss

February 16th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, we have another guest host in the studio with us. We discuss caches we’ve done since the last episode, we read milestones, we learn about caching necessities, we talk with our guest and of course, we have our Question of the Show.

Podcast 26

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Recent Caches:
(GC2J3W9) 1K, 2K, 3K,…A Milestone Challenge
(GC22P5D) Michigan_Chris Flew By 11000
(GC2N7D3) The Little Red Wagon
(GC2J2HH) Dewey Could Do It
(GC15M8R) Backstage at Frontier Days
(GC1F5FT) Elements: Fire
(GC1JDAH) Mind Grind: Touring Joliet Mall
(GC2CF8R) X Marks the Spot
(GC295K3) Revenge on BAT – It’s In The Hood!!!
(GC1TYRP) Pine-ing Away
(GC2BKQD) Thank Heaven #7
(GC2AX0E) TomEagle55’s 1000th Tricachelon

Cache of the Show:
(GC1YNB8) Illinois Spirit Quest: Roe’s Hill
(GC1ZD2Q) Chicagoland Battleship Geocaching Challenge: FINAL
(GC19Y63) Venus

Various Things Discussed:
Have your basics packed on a geocache trip