46: The Line? Yep, We Crossed It…

November 17th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: Walt’s brings up an interestingly named cache! A lot of contest entrants but how many correctly answered it? Scott races to 5K but has slowed down! And we answer the Question of the Show. Sit back, relax and join the fun!

Podcast 46

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Scott’s Recent Caches

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. by Walt | GC36NQR | Busse Woods
Word Search Cache by Chemster | GC37HNC | Deerfield, Illinois
Knot Just Another Tree by b – team | GC35JTM | Kildeer, Illinois

Walt’s Recent Caches

A Darien Delight by SaschaSeeks | GC2Q4GB | Aurora, Illinois
Tarbaby by stashtracker | GC36MR0 | Aurora, Illinois
I See London, I See France… by G.O. John and Carol | GC36DNE | Aurora, Illinois
Pole Position by SaschaSeeks | GC2T52R | Darien, Illinois
GOJAC Goes Completely Nuts! by G.O. John and Carol | GC2WAT9 | North Aurora, Illinois


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the hotness of Sade, never goes out of style!

A Tree with Plumbing? by tskyrocket | GC1R6HW | Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Kopperud1 by Team Luvcampen | http://coord.info/GC1TNJ1 | West Allis, Wisconsin

Caches of the Show

SB5K: Spice World [Final] by Kodydog00 | GC3776K | Busse Woods
Falcor and the Bonobos by The Machine | GC1294F | North Aurora, Illinois

Various Things Discussed

Contest Winner

Congratulations to drank! He’s the proud winner of a a set of Groundspeak standard travel bugs donated by Walt.