47: Out of Cache!

November 30th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: Walt’s comes up short! Scott, coincidentally, has a mini-LEO encounter. The contest entrants dot their “I”s And we answer the Question of the Show. Sit back, relax and join the fun!

Podcast 47

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Scott’s Recent Caches

Just an Ole’ Stump #2 by tnt63 | GC360J3 | Libertyville
Baseball Cable Guy by adymax | GC32MQM | Hanover Park
Ziggy vs Keith Stone by Ziggy1Fan | GC363W6 | Wauconda

Walt’s Topper Caches

Boat Wreck by IGotADisneyJeep | GC33Y4M | Naperville, Illinois
Arachnophobia by geofogies | GCQC63 | Northbrook, Illinois
Danger Park 4 (Dr. Ehcacoeg’s Lair) by toppercat | GC3066Q | Arlington Heights, Illinois
Petrifying Springs Artisian Well by Table 4 6 | GC1Y33R | Kenosha, Wisconsin


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the ultra-cool style of James Bond, never goes out of style!

Where Did You Grow Up KU Jayhawk? by KU Jayhawk | GC1WDXA | Wilmette

Scott’s Cache of the Show

C4CH3 by Blackdogivy | GC382CV | Wauconda

Contest Winner

Listen to the show or check back next week to find out who won a Geocaching and Scouting geocoin donated by DinaWorks. And don’t forget to enter this episode’s contest to win a Signal the Frog travel bug donated by TeamTardis!