48: DougBob!!!

December 14th, 2011

This week on the Chicago Geocacher Podcast: We have two microphones, count ’em, two! Do we sound any better? It is certain! Will it improve the quality of the show? Outlook not so good! Will DougBob give us another shot? Our sources say no! Scott regales us with tales of Festivus! Walt actually found some caches! We reveal this week’s contest winner. The email bag is over-flowing … and more milestones! And we answer the Question of the Show. Sit back, relax and join the fun!

Podcast 48

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Scott’s Recent Caches

The Kratchy Memorial Cache by realitysfault | GC2ZEAT | Norridge
Century Park VitaCourse Multi by mrxhill | GC38JBA | Mundelein
Akiteflier’s 1000th: The Case of The Missing Kite by kodydog00 | GC382HK | Mundelein

Walt’s Recent Caches

Aunts like caching by BlueNacho | GC2GXP0 | Palatine, Illinois
Tog and Tinzie: A Cacher’s Tale by TomEagle55 | GC30EFE | Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Coppers Dicks & Gumshoes 10 by ziggy1fan@aol.com | GC2VG92 | Palatine, Illinois
Playing Dirty West Of Nellies by rikjaxon | GC347P4 | Palatine, Illinois


A TopperCache is a notable hide Scott and Walt have found in the past which, like the sound of quality microphones, never goes out of style!

The Brat Stop by cthulhu jr | GC1EJH7 | Pleasant Prairie, WI
Weee! by tskyrocket | GCQAJR | Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Caches of the Show

The Eventful Day Challenge by n9tog | GC37JAE | Chicago
e pluribus duo by tachoknight | GC2PRCB | Chicago, Illinois

Various Things Discussed

The 3rd Annual Jewocaching Day Flash Mob!
Chicago Geocacher 50th Episode LIVE Spectacular
The 12 Geocaches of Christmas
GPS Visualizer
Couple finds love’s coordinates through geocaching
Fingers, tongue found in jar in forest preserve turn out to be fake

Contest Winner

Listen to the show or check back next week to find out who won a Signal the Frog travel bug donated by TeamTardis! And don’t forget to enter this episode’s contest to win an activated (but adoptable) Groundspeak Lost & Found travel bug donated by DinaWorks!